DNS Security Beyond The Umbrella

Not feeling covered by Cisco Umbrella anymore? See why customers are switching to ThreatSTOP for DNS Security.

ThreatSTOP is a service that delivers threat intelligence to your DNS Servers, firewalls, routers (and more) and automates everything to proactively block threats.

Achieve Real ROI from Threat Intelligence with Limited Resources.

Any company can get value out of Threat Intelligence, but it takes some grit and some non-trivial dedication of resources. Do you have the budgets, the people, the skills and the time to do it right?

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ThreatSTOP Protects Customers Using Both Domain & IP Address Threat Intelligence.

Cisco Umbrella Enterprise requires all local DNS queries to be made to Cisco’s external DNS Servers. This is a concern for privacy & for potential service interruption.

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Features ThreatSTOP Cisco Umbrella Enterprise
Ability to Redirect Traffic Based on Domain or Threat Type
Domain-Based Threat Protection
Block & Allow Decision Made Locally
Custom Allow List Creation
Integrate Custom & Proprietary Threat Feeds
IP-Based Protection (At No Extra Charge)
Built-In Extensive Reporting & Alerts (At No Extra Charge)
Ability to Automate Reporting Emails (At No Extra Charge)


We built ThreatSTOP because most small and medium businesses just don’t have the resources to make it work.


Move from detection and response to intelligent proactive defense.


Continuously update network with new threat defense, without manual methods.


Defense tailored to your specific architecture, policy needs, and reporting requirements.


Reduce network load, free up analyst time, dramatically lower incident response costs.



Operationalize their threat intelligence using ThreatSTOP.


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Threats should be blocked early – before they become breaches.


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