Healthcare’s Number One Financial Issue Is Cyber Security

Many medical systems and devices cannot be updated or scanned on a regular basis due to the nature of their functions, leaving them open to attack.

ThreatSTOP is a service that delivers threat intelligence to your DNS Servers, firewalls, routers (and more) and automates everything to proactively block threats.

ThreatSTOP is a network security company offering a cloud-based threat protection service that protects every device and workload on a network from cyberattacks and data theft.

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“Information Security was my highest priority while serving as the Chief Information Officer at Scripps Research. Two products stood out as more effective than all the other protection products and services we purchased: ThreatSTOP’s IP Defense and DNS Defense products and Falcon X Threat Intelligence from CrowdStrike. Now that these firms have combined technologies, the continuous threat updates provide a level of protection even more powerful than before – and all of it is accomplished without placing additional demands on the security staff. I highly recommend this combined protection to anyone serious about Security.” – Cary Thomas, Former Chief Information Officer, Scripps Research

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