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Due to the impact of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), ThreatSTOP is offering 3 Months of MyDNS FREE, or until the stay at home orders expire. Whichever is longer.

Because people need to work from home, we want to provide the cyber security protection they should have at work.

ThreatSTOP’s MyDNS takes the network DNS Defense Service and delivers it to individual Windows and Macintosh computers, providing the same security our DNS Defense Solution does, even when these devices are outside the corporate network.

Unlike other solutions that send all your data or DNS queries to their Cloud, creating privacy issues and potentially exposing critical company data to hacking and theft through man-in-the-middle attacks, our MyDNS puts a DNS Firewall enabled DNS server onto your device, keeping your traffic under your control and preventing DNS hijacking by enforcing DNSSEC.

3 Months Free of MyDNS Defense Subscription

Extend your network’s security and defense wherever your users may be working.

Unlike other BYOD security solutions, we don’t see your DNS queries, we only see what’s blocked. You have complete privacy and your users have the same exact protection as you would in the office.

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We built ThreatSTOP because most small and medium businesses just don’t have the resources to make it work.


Move from detection and response to intelligent proactive defense.


Continuously update network with new threat defense, without manual methods.


Defense tailored to your specific architecture, policy needs, and reporting requirements.


Reduce network load, free up analyst time, dramatically lower incident response costs.



Operationalize their threat intelligence using ThreatSTOP.


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Threats should be blocked early – before they become breaches.


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